Life’s reality

Life's reality


Life … the most uncertain thing I have ever seen.


2014 is in its initial stage. The last year taught me few lessons and made me a bit more weird. It went off as a routine. But taken the dear ones of some unfortunate people. A day before yesterday i came to heared some really shocking news. A class mate come a nice fellow left all the world behind and she expired with the last sunset of 2013. I was shocked. I never thought about this.

Since then, I was thinking what is the guarantee that anyone would get up and do all, he or she planned to do.  We all make some plans. Keep our aims at high direction and work hard to achieve the maiden goals. What’s the probability that we would do it ? At younger age, no one certainly thinks about death and  all that stuff. But there is no YOUNGER age for death. This incident told me.