Confessions and confessions all over the Social Media .. seriously give me a BREAK!!!!

Now a days, its a HOT trend om social media to say it all but all anonymously!
Because, most of the people think , it makes them look “COOL” , as they believe…


But it looks FOOL 😛 ,that’s not the way to say how you feel to others. As if you can not say it in face2face conversation, then you have NO right to say it as an “UN-KnOWN” .. Believe me it do look CHEAP.

If you really have toImage

then DON’T USE the -UNKNOWN- stamp , just take simple steps to approach a person , and say it all .. IF you MEAN it .. the way to approach could be any thing GENUINE, from  meeting up.  it’s COOL and appreciable.



and more simply ;

If you have noticed, I haven’t counted the TEXT messages or an EMAILS. The simplest reason behind is that, i do not trust talks on texties. as people are often, more truthful, when they speak to face. as compared to text messages. It seems LAME and FAKE to me!

Moreover, mostly the confession are generated by people who want to show others, looks people NOTICES me !!! ME .. OH YEA ! that’s a type of confession called the SELF CONFESSIONS 😛

who the hell cares about!



Some Hand Made

A few days ago, I had given a project by my mentor focused upon the entrepreneurial ideas turned businesses- due to limitation of time and scale with the immaturity of a student mind. Most of the batch fellows failed to take up the right track, most of people were focusing upon lame ideas and handicrafts, as directed “to do with hands: 😀 LOL I mean.

any ways, as we tried, uptill the last, none of our idea was accepted, atlast, We got a “green signal” on making an other handicraft thing . “hand made photo frames “


here are some of them.