After 44 Days!

Its is 44 days ago when i last blogged. Since then, i remained in virtual mood swings and surrounding errors. which eventually led to the most busiest days and also to the laziest ones! that’s a part of life. Today, when i have some leisure and mentally present day as the weather over here is pretty good; the blowing wind , a touch of cool in a vacuum of heat due to summer season, its quite refreshing as no-one is sweating, no blackout of electricity and no other messes. WOW!!! Life is beautiful 🙂

All this peace is creating new start-up plans in mind. I am a graduate so like every normal graduate i planned .. in fact,  wished to have a JOB as soon as possible. I applied nearly, every where, LOL , literally, i did 😀 that’s ME .. anyways, and staying true, i tell you i still, am JOB LESS =D. so i am thinking to start up something on my own. its not because,no one replied me .. but i do have some other matters, which would definitely, be a reason of often quitting. or even if not, then could be a result of a professional failure which i DO NOT WANT, at any cost.  

So, i want to start up something, like online stores or on line services, as i can write, i can click and i can comment. I can observe and a bit more. So let my figures crossed till then and you all please take care of yourself.  Cheeers 🙂

P.S: I you have any idea, please feel free to share with me. I need those :-]




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