2013 is going to end .. what’s new for the year 2014?


So as we all know that there are only 4 days left (PST) in the ending of year 2013 and the very next second from 23.59.59 PM there would be a brand new start of year called 2014 instead of 2013. 2013 would better to be called 2013. 

I was just thinking what would be new to us EXCEPT a new writing or talking thing. What would be progressive in life,which would be going to see a change after a clock striking a second beep. I think, the change of just writing or speaking is just a foolish one. At Least, there must be any progressive thinking, plan or leaving of any devil, back in the leaving year. Some goodness must be added to the environment which is all indebted under the burden of many black holes.

The environment, the surroundings, the people and of course the individuals do need some betterment in themselves. They must have something as a greeting, a true feel of entering into a new year. What can be that ?

As many of us, like me also, uptill the years lived to, in fact the days, we seen in our lives are the SAME. I don’t remember, when was the last time , i thought about doing any thing good for others, which could make their lives a bit better at least. Honestly, I didn’t give a try to do it. that’s my fault. i must live like this that i must play my role at least. I must fulfill which is a duty to me , and my obligation. because “i am here for ONCE only”. I do have only ONE chance, should it be lost anymore? I don’t thin so!

We have to think!


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